Can Italy Win The Oscar For Best Foreign Film in 2013?

I’d choose È Stato Il Figlio for Oscar consideration.

The list of Italian movies that are being considered for competition for the Oscar for best foreign film has been released. A committee in Italy will look at these 10 films and will decide which to submit for consideration, and then the Academy will decide which films deserve a nomination.

Italy was last nominated in 2006 for Cristina Comencini’s La Bestia Nel Cuore.Choose carefully this year Italy! A couple of the ones on this list have no chance at all.

BELLA ADDORMENTATA from Marco Bellocchio — No chance and I think I make a pretty good argument HERE.

CESARE DEVE MORIRE from Paolo e Vittorio Taviani — good chance, it won the Golden Bear at Berlin, Nastro d’Argento, David di Donatello and Golden Globe Awards.

IL CUORE GRANDE DELLE RAGAZZE from Pupi Avati — No chance

DIAZ from Daniele Vicari — It’s got a shot

E’ STATO IL FIGLIO from Daniele Ciprì — good chance.I saw it at Venice and I loved it. Read my review HERE.

GLI EQUILIBRISTI from Ivano De Matteo — It’s got a shot


MAGNIFICA PRESENZA from Ferzan Ozpetek — it’s got a shot. I saw this one at New Yorks Open Roads: New Italian Cinema and found it very well done and better yet, exportable. Read my review HERE.

POSTI IN PIEDI IN PARADISO from Carlo Verdone — Are they kidding? no. We actually didn’t see the end of this one because we walked out. It is atrocious.

REALITY from Matteo Garrone — Good chance. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.


  1. Ro

    “La Bas- educazione criminale” was an excellent film! A real unexpected gem.

    1. I didn’t know what to say about that one because I haven’t seen it!

  2. AF

    None of these films has a chance if you ask me, but I would love to see BELLA ADDORMENTATA get some accolades.

    I think REALITY will ultimately be chosen though, simply because of the Cannes award.

  3. Great rundown! I’m guessing CESARE DEVE MORIRE is most likely, but we’ll see. Regardless, I think an Oscar nomination is a long shot.

    Also, any idea why PIAZZA FONTANA isn’t in the running?

    1. I think you’re right about Cesare Deve Morire – and good point about Romanzo di una strage! I hadn’t even thought of that and I have no idea why they’d include Verdone’s and not that one!

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