Complete Italian Movies On YouTube

They come and they go from YouTube, so watch them while they are there. Most don’t have subtitles, but they’re free!




For some really stupid fun, Matrimonio alle Bahamas.



Sì Può Fare is a feel-good movie if there ever was one, especially inspiring and touching because it’s true.


Respiro is Emanuale Crialese’s film, set on the Italian island of Lampedusa, starring Valeria Golino and Vincenzo Amato.


Un’Estate Ai Caraibi is a dumb looking comedy that I haven’t seen but imagine one of those “so bad they’re good” films. It’s got Marina Stella from L’Ultimo Bacio!


The Orange Thief is a nice little film about a guy who steals oranges; this one even has English subtitles.


La Mafia Uccide Solo D’Estate





  1. Hi! – Ricomincio da tre.
    It’s a must to see of italian comedy. – Lavorare con lentezza.
    The story of Radio Alice, a free radio station set in Bologna in the seventies. – In barca a vela contromano.
    Comedy drama set in roman hospital. – El Alamain.
    The story of italian army during the battle of El Alamain in WW2. – Fantozzi.
    It’s a classic of italian comedy. – La scuola.

      1. U’latruni ..D’aranci that one for me never laugh so much and then at the end a tear la bella sicilia la musica thanks

  2. Marianna

    So happy to stumble onto your site! Watched to great FREE movies on YouTube this weekend (Cado dalle Nubi and Benvunuti al Nord). I’ve bookmarked your site on both my home and work computers. Extremely excited about this post as I cant wait to watch more movies. Used to subscribe to NetFlix but they dont always have the latest and greatest available. Hoping you will continue to update this particular post.

    1. I’ll try! If you see one, let us know!

  3. Smaragdi

    grazie cara!!! lo provero’ anch’io! Un bacio grosso da Athene!

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