My Daughter is a Genius

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David di Donatello Awards 2011

[caption id="attachment_1027" align="alignleft" width="275" caption="Marco Bellocchio and his David di Donatello Award for Best Director"]

More Potential Award Winners!

Basilicata Coast to Coast

  The Chinese proverb says that "the journey is the reward" and that's been the subject of more than a few movies, the most recent the 2010┬áBaslicata Coast to Coast.

Even More Reasons to Love Italian Film from 2010

Even More Reasons to Love Italian Film from 2010

My list continues! Here are four more that they'll be looking at soon as they consider the David di Donatello awards. 

>La Ragazza del Lago – The Girl By The Lake

>The use of the word "thriller" is a little broad here, but the trailer gives a pretty good idea of what the movie is like. [youtube]

I’ve got David di Donatello Awards Fever (part 2)

Here's the continuation of the list I'm making of potential David di Donatello award winners. I want to make sure that I've seen as many as I can before the actual nominations come out next month.