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Italian Film Awards – The Nastro D’Argento

The Salt of Life? Gianni e le Donne - my favorite of the whole lot of them.

One reader told me that the Nastro D’Argento Awards are his favorite, but I bet if I go out of my house right now here in Ohio the next 50 people I talk to will not have heard of them.

Since 1947 the Nastro d’Argentos (Silver Ribbon) have been given for cinematic performances and production by Sindacato Nazionale dei Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani, the association of Italian film critics. It’s the second oldest movie award in the world, only Academy Awards are older.

And hey – the nominations for this year are out. Habemus Papam got 7, and many of the films we’ve been talking about are on this list. For you Americans at the mercy of distributors and what is available in the United States these awards will seem not very interesting or important, but there’s a new day dawning for Italian movies – I really believe that – and when there is money to be made, things become available.

For now, I’ll point out the films with relevance here in America. The following are some of them; for the complete list go to .

Nastro D’Argento – Silver Ribbon – Nominees for 2011


– Marco BELLOCCHIO – Sorelle mai (Sisters Never)  – We’ll never get Sorelle Mai here (probably not) but you can watch Marco Bellocchio’s “My Mother’s Smile“, “Good Morning Night“, “The Wedding Director“, and “Vincere” – all excellent and available with English subtitles in the US.

– Saverio COSTANZO – La solitudine dei numeri primi (The Solitude of Prime Numbers) –

– Claudio CUPELLINI – Una vita tranquilla – A Quiet Life – This one is not available in the US yet but I think that it    will be.

– Nanni MORETTI – Habemus Papam (We have a Pope)  – This has been sold to dozens of markets outside Italy and I think we’ll see it here in the US. You can see plenty of Nanni Moretti films including “The Sons’s Room” and “Quiet Chaos“.

– Pasquale SCIMECA – Malavoglia

REGISTA ESORDIENTE – Best New Director  – Where’s Paola Randi? She should have been nominated for Into Paradiso.

– Aureliano AMADEI – 20 sigarette

– Massimiliano BRUNO – Nessuno mi può giudicare

– Ascanio CELESTINI – La pecora nera

– Edoardo LEO – 18 anni dopo

– Alice ROHRWACHER – Corpo celeste

NASTRO SPECIALE – COMMEDIA – Here’s a fun list of comedies!

Benvenuti al Sud   di Luca MINIERO

– Boris – Il film di Giacomo CIARRAPICO, Mattia TORRE, Luca VENDRUSCOLO

Che bella giornata (What a Beautiful Day) di Gennaro NUNZIANTE  – Checco (the actor) is going to be BIG. This movie made more than “La Vita è Bella”.

Femmine contro maschi (Women Vs. Men) di Fausto BRIZZI – stupid but fun.

Gianni e le donne (This means Gianni and the Women but I see that they have made the English title “The Salt Of Life”. Does this mean US distribution is near?)  di Gianni DI GREGORIO – This is my favorite movie released this year. Until its US release you can see Gianni di Gregorio in “Mid August Lunch” (hilarious) and watch his “Gomorrah“.

Immaturi (Immature) di Paolo GENOVESE – stupid and not fun.

La banda dei babbi natale (The Santa Claus Gang) di Paolo GENOVESE – SUPER fun Christmas movie. I really hope this one comes here.

– La vita facile (Life is Easy) di Lucio PELLEGRINI

– Maschi contro femmine (Men Vs. Women) di Fausto BRIZZI

– Nessuno mi può giudicare (Nobody Can Judge Me) di Massimiliano BRUNO – Paola Cortellesi won best actress , the David di Donatello awards.

Qualunquemente di Giulio MANFREDONIA – I didn’t get it, but a lot of people found if hilarious.

– Senza arte né parte di Giovanni ALBANESE


– Claudio BISIO, Alessandro SIANI – Benvenuti al Sud  – this one is playing at some film festival and theaters in the US – look for a wider release and possibility to rent.

– Raoul BOVA – Nessuno mi può giudicare

– Kim ROSSI STUART – Vallanzasca gli angeli del male

– Toni SERVILLO – Una vita tranquilla / Il gioiellino

– Emilio SOLFRIZZI – Se sei così ti dico sì


– Paola CORTELLESI – Nessuno mi può giudicare / Maschi contro femmine

– Angela FINOCCHIARO – La banda dei babbi natale / Benvenuti al Sud

– Donatella FINOCCHIARO – Manuale d’amore 3 / Sorelle mai

– Isabella RAGONESE – Il primo incarico

– Alba ROHRWACHER – La solitudine dei numeri primi

ATTORE NON PROTAGONISTA – Actor in a supporting role

– Giuseppe BATTISTON – La passione / Figli delle stelle/ Senza arte né parte

– Giorgio COLANGELI – La donna della mia vita / Tatanka

– Geppy GLEIJESES – Gorbaciof

– Ricky MEMPHIS, Maurizio MATTIOLI – Immaturi

– Rocco PAPALEO – Che bella giornata

ATTRICE NON PROTAGONISTA – Actress in a supporting role

– Anita CAPRIOLI, Pasqualina SCUNCIA – Corpo celeste

– Carolina CRESCENTINI – Boris il film / 20 sigarette

– Anna FOGLIETTA – Nessuno mi può giudicare

– Marta GASTINI – Il rito

– Valentina LODOVINI – Benvenuti al Sud

2 Responses to “Italian Film Awards – The Nastro D’Argento”

  1. caugusto16

    The two Finocchiaros, Ricky Memphis and Carolina Crescentini are all inspired picks. Sad to see that Vinicio Marchioni was left off the Best Actor list in favor of the BENVENUTI AL SUD guys and Servillo (who were still good). I saw Toni Servillo coming but I really hope Kim will win this. You’ve got to love these random nominations for Italian actors in foreign films (THE RITE this year, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in 2005 etc…).
    Oh, and GIANNI E LE DONNE was picked up by Zeitgeist ( and VALLANZASCA by Fox (
    Check out this site too:

    • Cheri

      I am so happy about Gianni e le donne – it really was good. But I don’t undertand why they couldn’t have just called it Gianni and the women!


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