America's Cheerleader For Italian Cinema

Really Good Looking Italian Actors

Let’s be honest, girls; we love Italian movies because we love Italians, and Italian men are pretty good-looking. We’ve been drooling over Italian movie stars for years:

Exhibit A – Marcello Mastrioanni

Marcello Mastrioanni

Those who say the golden era of Italian movies is over are obviously not paying attention, because there are some very handsome Italian actors making movies these days; leading the pack is Raoul Bova, star of Under the Tuscan Sun. In that movie, he was every American woman’s fantasy – the gorgeous guy you’d have an affair with it you ever got the chance in Italy.

These days Raoul is making Italian women’s hearts beat a little faster in movies like the Nastro d’argento award-winning Nessuno Mi Può Giudicare.

Raoul Bova and Paola Cortellesi

Or would you prefer Luca Argentero? The 33-year-old ex-bartender, ex-nude model, star of Saturno Contro and Eat Pray Love is kind of cute.

Luca Argentero

Or how about Flavio Parenti? You saw Flavio as Edoardo Recchi Jr. in  I Am Love, and soon you’ll see him in the new Woody Allen movie that’s being made in Rome.

Flavio Parenti

Filipo Timi is one of my favorites – he’s hot in every possible sense of the word. He’s not only good-looking, he is one of the most talented, successful actors of the last few years, starring in Vincere, La Doppia Ora, and The American, with George Clooney.

FIlippo Timi

And it wouldn’t be a list of handsome men without Riccardo Scamarcio – probably the hottest thing in Italy today. He starred in Manuale d’Amore 2 and 3, Mine Vaganti, and we’ll see him soon too in Woody Allen’s new movie.

Riccardo Scamarcio

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