Mozzarella Stories – Cheese Intrigue In Caserta

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La Fine È Il Mio Inizio

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Russians Love Italian Movies – Especially C’è Chi Dice No

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Here’s A First Look At Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love It's not a trailer - sort of the trailer for a trailer - but you can catch a glimpse of Woody Allen's new movie, To Rome With Love. It was originally titled Bop Decameron (and who would get either reference?), then it was changed to Nero Fiddled, and now

The Double Hour – La Doppia Ora – Right Now On Demand

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An Interview With Paolo Sorrentino

[caption id="attachment_5399" align="aligncenter" width="584" caption=""In spite of my modesty, there are autobiographical signs. Usually I avoid this, but this time I allowed it, " said Sorrentino. (pictured with Sean Penn as Cheyenne)"]

This Must Be The Place – Now Showing In My Living Room

My copy arrived yesterday from Italy and I'm watching it tonight: Paolo Sorrentino's This Must Be The Place with Sean Penn.