Congratulations to Francesco Bruni, Winner of Nastro D’Argento for Scialla! The Nastro D'Argento for best new director went to Francesco Bruni, who charmed Brian and me at Open Roads: New American Cinema. His film Scialla! deserves the prize, and it deserves US distribution.

This Must Be The Place Wins Best Film, Nastro D’Argento 2012 Paolo Sorrentino was awarded best director for his English language film, This Must Be The Place, starring Sean Penn and Frances McDormand. This Must Be The Place is the story of an aging rock star who goes on a road trip

Sophia Loren Gets Bitchy At The Taormina Film Festival

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="290"] Sophia Loren accepts her award at Taormina.[/caption] I think Sophia Loren

I’m Going To The Venice Film Festival

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The Toronto Italian Contemporary Film Festival Starts Today The Toronto Italian Contemporary Film Festival begins today and goes through July 1 with a pretty interesting lineup. If you are in or near Toronto, make sure you see Nanni

Riccardo Scamarcio is One Good Reasons To Watch An Italian Movie Today Scamarcio's on demand! "Riccardo Scamarcio" is by far the search engine search term that most often brings people to this blog and I wish I had news about him every day. Scamarcio is good looking and talented but for reasons that escape me has not made the

To Rome With Love? Let Me Be The Judge. Italians, for the most part, found Woody Allen's To Rome With Love an insulting cliché, but the US critics have been mixed. To Rome With Love opens today and this morning at my breakfast table I read this from the Wall