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Can Italy Win The Oscar For Best Foreign Film in 2013?

I’d choose È Stato Il Figlio for Oscar consideration.

The list of Italian movies that are being considered for competition for the Oscar for best foreign film has been released. A committee in Italy will look at these 10 films and will decide which to submit for consideration, and then the Academy will decide which films deserve a nomination.

Italy was last nominated in 2006 for Cristina Comencini’s La Bestia Nel Cuore.Choose carefully this year Italy! A couple of the ones on this list have no chance at all.

BELLA ADDORMENTATA from Marco Bellocchio — No chance and I think I make a pretty good argument HERE.

CESARE DEVE MORIRE from Paolo e Vittorio Taviani — good chance, it won the Golden Bear at Berlin, Nastro d’Argento, David di Donatello and Golden Globe Awards.

IL CUORE GRANDE DELLE RAGAZZE from Pupi Avati — No chance

DIAZ from Daniele Vicari — It’s got a shot

E’ STATO IL FIGLIO from Daniele Ciprì — good chance.I saw it at Venice and I loved it. Read my review HERE.

GLI EQUILIBRISTI from Ivano De Matteo — It’s got a shot


MAGNIFICA PRESENZA from Ferzan Ozpetek — it’s got a shot. I saw this one at New Yorks Open Roads: New Italian Cinema and found it very well done and better yet, exportable. Read my review HERE.

POSTI IN PIEDI IN PARADISO from Carlo Verdone — Are they kidding? no. We actually didn’t see the end of this one because we walked out. It is atrocious.

REALITY from Matteo Garrone — Good chance. It won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.

5 Responses to “Can Italy Win The Oscar For Best Foreign Film in 2013?”

  1. AF

    None of these films has a chance if you ask me, but I would love to see BELLA ADDORMENTATA get some accolades.

    I think REALITY will ultimately be chosen though, simply because of the Cannes award.

  2. Viva Italian Movies

    Great rundown! I’m guessing CESARE DEVE MORIRE is most likely, but we’ll see. Regardless, I think an Oscar nomination is a long shot.

    Also, any idea why PIAZZA FONTANA isn’t in the running?

    • Cheri

      I think you’re right about Cesare Deve Morire – and good point about Romanzo di una strage! I hadn’t even thought of that and I have no idea why they’d include Verdone’s and not that one!


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