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They’re Talking “Oscar” For Sean Penn in Sorrentino’s This Must Be The Place

Just in time for Oscar consideration, This Must Be The Place from director Paolo Sorrentino and starring Sean Penn and Frances McDormand will finally be released in the US on November 2 . I ordered it from Italy earlier this year and so I’ve watched it – a few times. Sean Penn and Frances McDormand are wonderful, but Sorrentino’s direction and screenwriting prove him a truly world-class force in filmmaking. You’ll love the original music from David Byrne.

Read my review here and don’t miss it when it hits our theaters!

2 Responses to “They’re Talking “Oscar” For Sean Penn in Sorrentino’s This Must Be The Place”

  1. ktheologus

    So my husband and I watched this movie because it appeared on NetFlix and I said “Cheri recommends this film let’s check it out!” and even though I don’t really care for Sean Penn we gave it a try. Sorry to report it did not impress either of us. There was only so much mumbling and low-talking from Sean Penn we could not understand some of the dialog (feeling like an old fart now). It got more interesting when he starting searching for the old Nazi and that is probably the only reason we hung on until the end. I’m glad you loved it, but we are still puzzled as to why it was supposedly so great!


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