Watch Italian Movies Instantly On Amazon

OK Amazon, first, what the heck is wrong with you? Finding the Italian movies that you can watch instantly is unnecessarily difficult. You couldn't have sub-genres for countries or languages?  Well you could have but you didn't, so I went hunting for the Italian ones myself and

Follow These Italian Movie Stars On Twitter

They aren't very active, most of them. You aren't going to hear about every little thing that they are thinking like you can with a lot of American celebrities. But I've found some Italian actors and directors on Twitter and I'm fairly certain that these are the real deals. Click on them for links to

Coming Attraction – Penelope Cruz in Twice Born Italy will get to see Penelope Cruz in Sergio Castellitto's Twice Born (Venuto al Mondo) on November 8 in their theaters and Entertainment One will distribute it in the US next year. Cruz plays

Nuovomondo – The Golden Door; The Whole Film On YouTube For Free There are subtitles in this original version of  Nuovomondo (The Golden Door), but probably not the kind you are looking for. The language is an older Sicilian dialect and so the subtitles are in Italian! In this movie about a poor Sicilian family coming