Bertolucci Digs Up An Old Gem From David Bowie For ‘Io E Te’

Read my review of Io E Te, Bernardo Bertolucci's 2012 film about a boy who hides out in the basement while his classmates go on a ski trip and his heroin addicted half-sister. It premiered at Cannes.

Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘Io E Te’

Bernardo Bertolucci’s first film in almost a decade and his first Italian feature film in 30, Io e Te (Me and You) is a study of youth, but it's a study of the kind of antisocial youth's dissociation that either a) not a lot of people experienced, or b) they don't

Matteo Garrone’s ‘Reality’

A few years ago driving through crowded streets in Naples I was surprised to see something that made me feel I'd gone back in time; an ornate, black lacquered horse-drawn hearse. With that as my reference, when in the first scene of 'Reality' the helicopter shot lowered to the horse-drawn

Giorgio Diritti’s ‘Un Giorno Devi Andare’ Looks Promising

Just when I've been complaining about the lack of good stories I'm reminded of Un Giorno Devi Andare - (we're calling it There Will Come A Day here in the states) from director Giorgio Diritti. Diritti, who directed a movie I called one of the

Il Gioiellino (The Jewel) On Demand/Time Warner Cable

What Is Real And Does Anybody Even Care Anymore?

The new edition of the Italian movie magazine "Segno Cinema" opens the debate that doesn't seem to matter to many people outside Italy, except me, What is the state of Italian cinema? But it asks more than that. Maybe the debate has been rekindled in Italy

If Matteo Garrone’s ‘Reality’ Is Coming To Cleveland, It’s Probably Coming To Your City

Cleveland, Ohio isn't exactly the cutting edge of, well, anything except maybe health care, so if Matteo Garrone's Reality is coming here (and it is; yipee!) check for it in your city. Reality is about a guy who is obsessed with the Italian version of the TV show "Big

Congratulations to Kristen, Winner of the Movie Quote Contest!

Complimenti! Congratulazioni!  Kristen Theologus is our winner; she guessed all of the movie lines correctly. Kristen wins a $50 gift certificate to

20 Sigarette

  Here's something different; director Aureliano Amadei’s autobiographical experience in Iraq is an Italian action movie, with blood, bombs, and explosions. You don't see that everyday. 20