What To Make Of The Nastro D’Argento Nominations 2013

The Nastro d'Argento nominations were announced yesterday, and though Paolo Sorrentino will without doubt leave with a lot of prizes, some of the categories are wide open. If you want to send me your guesses, please do. There may even be a prize! The Nastro d'Argento Award  (Silver Ribbon) is a film

Paolo Sorrentino Wins In Cannes After All

Paolo Sorrentino has won after all, maybe not the Palme D'Or, but Cannes is a huge film market and The Greatest Beauty, La Grande Bellezza, has already been sold to 20 countries and a deal with the US is coming soon,

In an article translated from cinemafanpage.it :

‘Due Partite’, Cristina Comecini’s Play Turned Movie

At Rome's Teatro Valle di Roma in 2006 I saw the staged version of Due Partite, written and directed by Cristina Comencini and starring Margherita Buy, Isabella Ferrari, and Marina Massironi. It was a dream come true

In Bocca Al Lupo Paolo Sorrentino!

Just waiting to hear if La Grande Bellezza has won at Cannes!

Forza Italia! Let’s Make It A Triple Crown At Cannes!

FIrst to win at Cannes - Italians! Salvo took the Grand Prix Nespresso, the top prize at Cannes Critics Week. Salvo was directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza. Salvo also took the France 4 Visionary Awards. Keep your fingers crossed for Sorrentino's

New York Times Manohla Dargis Says Sorrentino Could Win At Cannes

From Jostling for Position in Last Lap at Cannes by Mahohla Dargis “The Great Beauty” (“La Grande Bellezza”), an outlandishly entertaining hallucination

‘Viva L’Italia’, With Its Constitution That’s “A Masterpiece of Imagination and Humor”

Is Massimiliano Bruno's 2012 Viva L'Italia meant to be a death knoll or a wake up call for the Italian government? Whichever he's intended, this movie is no mere comedy; Bruno's serious. Jokes and all, the subject matter of Viva L'Italia is no laughing

Looks Like Hollywood’s Giving Gabriele Muccino Another Chance

Critics hated his last American film, Playing for Keeps, and nobody went to see it, but it looks like director Gabriele Muccino will soon have a chance to redeem himself. [caption id="attachment_9647" align="aligncenter" width="492"]

Great Reviews For Sorrentino’s ‘La Grande Bellezza at Cannes

Reviews from Cannes are in, and from the looks of them Paolo Sorrentino has a chance with his La Grande Bellezza: The Great Beauty, which has just a few hours ago premiered there has a chance at the Palme D'Or! From Peter