La Migliore Offerta and Many Others On

If you don't need English subtitles, another source of streamable Italian movies is MyMovies.itFor as little as 2,90 € you can watch movies like Tornatore's La Migliore Offerta, the Taviani Brothers' Cesare

Venice Film Festival

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Benvenuti Al Sud, Cado Dalle Nubi, and Tutto Tutto Niente Niente, Complete Films On YouTube!

You weren't doing anything important today anyway; right? Put away the lawnmower and watch an Italian movie for free; I've found 3 more that you can view in their entirety on YouTube. If you haven't seen Benvenuti al Sud, drop everything and watch it right now! I'll add them to the

Pazze Di Me

They're crazy about him, no doubt about it, but in this Fausto Brizzi movie Pazze Di Me, Pazze - Crazy is the optimal word. The "they", a mom, sisters, an aunt and a grandmother, are all crazy in a not very attractive way and all seem to exist

How To Order DVDs From Italy

So you've bought that region free DVD player and now you can watch movies from all over the world; good move. I can't help you

Italian Brangelinas – The Power Couples of Italian Cinema

Who needs Brangelina when you've got Valardo; the power couple with the mismatched age in Italy, Valeria Golino and Riccardo Scamarcio. are still going strong. There have been misteps on Riccardo's part but even though she's 13 years older and there are rumors about

Ecco Fatto! Gabriel Muccino Tweets That His First Film Has Shown Up On Facebook

"Missing from the radar for 16 years and reappears in a few minutes on Facebook. Ecco Fatto (There, It's Done) my truly first film...raw and sparkly," tweeted director Gabriele Muccino yesterday. The film, starring Barbora Barbulova and Claudio Santamaria

Happy Birthday to Giuseppe Battiston

Americans know him as the sincere but inept private detective in Pane e Tulipani, but what they might not know is that Bread and Tulips is only one of the 50 films 45-year-old Giuseppe Battiston has been in, and that he's somewhat of a box office draw,

Mark Your Calendars For Mid-August: The Venice Film Festival Can Come To You Online

I'll be in Venice for the Venice Film Festival again this year but don't forget; you don't have to travel to Italy to see some of the films. Films from the Orrizante (Horizons) section will be available to a virtual audience in a virtual theater with a capacity of 500 virtual seats. That's why, though