Ohmygod I'm Having Fun At The Venice Film Festival

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Piccola Patria At The Venice Film Festival

Yesterday I saw Piccola Patria, a disquieting and hyperrealistic film about two young friends, Luisa and Renata who live in the Veneto region of Italy. They are trying to save up enough money to leave it, but the two girls make 250 euro a month as waitresses in a big hotel that sticks

Via Castellana Bandiera Gets Polite Applause At Venice

You know me; the Italian films in competition at the Venice Film Festival are likely to get extra credit from I Love Italian Movies, and I always want them to do well on a worldwide stage. But it was flawed, and not really on the level of its competition, so I'm going to be very careful

The Venice Film Festival Fights Homophobia

The Queer Lion ,the Venice Film Festival’s prize for “Best film with a homosexual and queer culture theme”, is now in its seventh year. There are nine films on the program including two made in Italy: Piccola Patria (Little Homeland) by Alessandro

I'm In Italy, Waiting For Something Glamorous To Happen

I'm in Italy, just waiting for something exciting to happen. Luigi Lo Cascio is in Montreal at their festival so stalking him this year is out, I guess. In the meantime I am hoping to be part of a glamorous Venice Film Festival 2013; I've brought my pearls! Just look at the glamour of past festivals

I Want To Go To Montreal!

The World Film Festival in Montreal will have a strong Italian showing this year, with two Italian films in competition and tons more out of competition. Montreal is not so far from me, and I would have gone if the Venice Film Festival wasn't next week. This is one of the strongest

Andrea Segre's 'Io Sono Li" Is One Of the 10 Favorites Of the Decade

The Venice Film Festival invited you to vote for your favorite films of the decade, the films that "best embodies the Venice Days spirit; the best-loved film; the one you´d like to see over again". The results are in, and happily, Italy is represented twice, with the wonderful I Sono Li

Paola Cortellesi Fans Rejoice! She's Getting A Big Award At Venice!

Paola Cortellesi Fans Rejoice! She's Getting A Big Award At Venice. and I'll be there! It's called "Il Cariddi" (it means "whirlpool", and Paola certainly is that), and it's from the Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani (National Association of Italian

L'Intrepido Trailer

Finally the trailer for L'Intrepido, with Antonio Albanese. Albanese plays an out of work guy that invents a new job; filling in for people in jobs of every sort. http://youtu.be/gfUrMY6id1o

In Rome, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

August is a pretty quiet month in the world of Italian cinema and in Italy,which is, as usual, Chiuso Per Ferie (Italy's "gone fishin" sign). But in Rome, something a little different is happening; it's snowing. Here's a picture from Fausto Brizzi's new Cinepanettone,