A Movie To Watch For: Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi's 'A Castle In Italy'

Writing this blog I have "met" the most interesting people that share my interest in Italian movies and Gilles, a really nice French guy who seems to split his time between France and New York is one of them. He must be in France right now, because I got a message from him yesterday about a movie he's

If You Aren't Learning Italian With DuoLingo, Why Not?

For all of you who watch Italian movies and wish you could speak a little; for those of you who spent $500 for Rosetta Stone and gave up before you finished level one, there is a solution and it is free: DuoLingo. You've probably heard of it; practically

Mare Nero, The Dark Sea

*Warning* This is most likely the only negative review of a movie that Luigi Lo Cascio is in that you will ever find on this blog, but eccolo qua! Scusa Luigi, il film è terribile e non ci piove! In Mare Nero (Dark Sea)

Congratulations to Cristiano Travaglioli, EFA Best Editing Award For La Grande Bellezza

The European Film Academy has announced in advance six winners of the European Film Awards; one for Best Editing for Paolo Sorrentino's 'La Grande Bellezza' (The Great Beauty). The European Film Academy was founded in 1988 and unites 2,900 European film professionals

Happy Birthday Margaret Mazzantini

More well-known as an author than for films Margaret Mazzantini never-the-less has left her indelible mark in Italian cinema. The wife of Sergio Castellito,  Margaret will be forever remembered for her collaboration with her husband on the 2004 movie Non Ti Muovere (Don't Move).

"Not A Masterpiece, Just A Movie", Says Sorrentino About 'La Grande Bellezza'

I found a couple of interesting interviews with Paolo Sorrentino talking about La Grande Bellezza, The Great Beauty. In the first, he speaks English, and in the second, the Italian is translated. Here's part of the Cannes Film Festival press conference

Updated: 30 Best Of The New Millenium

Updated October 10, 2014

in no particular order…
  1. Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips) is my favorite movies of all time from any country and in any language and I have watched it over 100 times. It’s about Rosalba, the unappreciated housewife that

La Grande Bellezza

I've finally seen it, 'La Grande Bellezza'; Paolo Sorrentino's masterpiece has been released on DVD in Italy and arrived at my doorstep this morning. Having premiered at Cannes back in May, I've read all the reviews and I have to say, I still got the wrong impression

My 1000th post: Help Me Celebrate By Joining Me In Washington DC!

If you are in the DC area and love Italian movies, the Italian language, and pretty much all things Italian, I have good news for you!! This group's for you: The Washington DC Italian Meetup Group

Amiche Da Morire: Revenge Of The Girlfriends

What's a girl to do? It's a man's world, especially on this small island in southern Italy, and the easiest thing to do is just follow the rules. If you're married, your husband is going to call the shots. If you are an unmarried woman living at home with your parents,