'Miele', from Valeria Golino

In Valeria Golina's feature film directorial debut, Miele, she takes on a big subject, euthanasia, one that could have ended up being either too complicated or too cliché for a novice director. Instead, what might have been  pedantic and sentimental propaganda either

Isabella Ragonese Has Been Busier Than I'd Realized

Having proclaimed her The Real Deal back in 2011, I'd begun to think I may have been wrong about Isabella Ragonese. After three great films that showed up at American film

Catch Them Before They're Gone

I've just today weeded out my collection of Complete Italian Movies on YouTube because I've noticed that a lot of them have disappeared and this is probably the nature of complete Italian movies

'I Nostri Ragazzi', A New Movie Based On Herman Koch's 'The Dinner'

Here's a coincidence; I'm in the middle of thoroughly enjoying the international best seller, 'The Dinner', by Dutch writer Herman Koch when I notice that my favorite actor, Luigi Lo Casio is making a movie based on a book called "La Cena" (the dinner).

Not Italian Enough

One thing Americans don't seem like about Luigi Lo Cascio's La Città Ideale is that even though it was filmed in Siena, you don't see much of Siena. The first time I heard that, I thought, "What are they talking about? I remember seeing Piazza Del Campo and the tower." But it's true,

Top Ten Italian Movies of 2013

What a year, what a year! Italian cinema is exploding with new directors, fresh faces, and old directors and faces with fresh new things to show us.

Italian movies have never been better, and the top ten of 2013 list has never been so debatable because of all the possibilities! Others will

Great Italian Movie Lines of 2013

So many good movies this year from Italy! I'm unveiling my personal top ten list tomorrow, but today, here are some of my favorite lines from Italian films, 2013.

My translations, so corrections from those of you who speak better than Italian than I are welcome! In Paolo Sorrentino's

Cinema Italian Style 2013

It's that time of year again, time to access the year in Italian movies and what a difference a year makes! While I've seen an improvement every year since I have been paying attention, last year was underwhelming compared to this year.

2013 - Italian Cinema is on fire!


Save Your Seat For The Torino Film Festival, Virtually

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