From Prison To Cannes: Aniello Arena

(translated with my bad Italian from CineCittà News.) Director Matteo Garrone had wanted him for his film, Gomorrah, but Aniello Arena was serving a life sentence in prison and couldn't leave Volterra. Arena had joined a theatrical

Il Principe Abusivo – It's Not Horrible

First things first, I have to thank Alessandro Siani's surprisingly successful 2013 comedy Il Principe Abusivo for teaching me a new Italian word. While I've avoided watching it and let it languish on my shelf since I bought it at the Venice Film Festival in August

2013 In Pictures

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From Variety: Why Not 'The World's' Best Picture?

Steven Gaydos asks an interesting question about the "Best Picture" Oscar in his piece on : Is it really the "best picture"

Cinepanettone May Have Hit Its Expiration Date

A huge surprise for Italian producers (who've been clearly out of touch with reality for a long time): people are tired of stupid Christmas movies. Cinepanettone, the nickname for silly Christmas comedies, have traditionally done well, but less so in recent years and dismally this year. This year Italians

Women Making Movies in Italy, 2013

It was a pretty productive year for women filmmakers in Italy, and however well their films did at the box office, it's clear that they are forever changing the face of Italian cinema. Maria Sole Tognazzi, sister of Ricky, daughter of Ugo, came up with a film that proved immediately

US Trailer For 'La Miglore Offerta', Opening January 3 in America

I can't wait to see Giuseppe Tornatore's 'The Best Offer', La Migliore Offerta, undubbed, in its original English language state! They are saying January 3, but I've yet to hear where. If you see that it is coming to your city,let us know. READ

Buongiorno Papà

It was one of the top films in Italy last year and people kept asking me if I'd seen it. I'd bought it months ago but just got around to watching, Buongiorno Papà, starring Raoul Bova. The verdict? I fell asleep twice watching it, and

On The Shortlist For An Academy Award: The Great Beauty

Time to celebrate! Paolo Sorrentino's 'La Grande Bellezza', The Great Beauty, is one of the 9 films chosen to go on to the final rounds of cuts on January 16 for the Academy Award's Best Foreign Film race. READ