My Favorite of 2014



Italian Box Office 2014: Paola Cortellesi Rules!

Taking a look at the movies that were released in 2014, no surprise to us, Paola Cortellesi appears to be one of the biggest box office draw in Italy.

Le Meraviglie, The Wonders

Uh-oh, my anti-intellectialism is showing. (more…)

Your 'Human Capital' To-Do List

Just because 'Ida's' going to win the Oscar, that doesn't mean 'Human Capital' didn't deserve one. 0 273

Buon Natale From I Love Italian Movies

Build a fire, roast some chestnuts, pour yourself a glass of wine...and watch an Italian movie.

When I Became A Father I Learned Two Things: La Mafia Uccide Solo D'Estate

"When I became a father I learned two thing: The first, I would want to defend my child from all the bad things in the world. and the second, to teach them what they are."