Nominations For La Grande Bellezza Are Piling Up

A New Nomination for Paolo Sorrentino!

We'll find out on February 28 if La Grande Bellezza will be France's favorite too; it's been nominated for the foreign language César, their version of the Academy Awards. Competing with Sorrentino: Felix Van Groeningen's Alabama

I Love Italian Movies: Looking To The Future

This past week has been difficult for me, and if anyone has been paying attention, they'll have noticed that I missed a few days of posts for I Love Italian Movies. Last Friday my daughter suffered a bad injury and had emergency surgery so I've been preoccupied. She's doing better than

Happy Birthday Anna Bonaiuto

The reigning queen of today's Neapolitan old school actresses, if Anna Bonaiuto's name isn't familiar to you, her face just might be. One of the more prolific actresses in Italy today, at 64 she's still going strong and she remains convincing and intense on stage and on-screen. [caption id="attachment_12388"

What's So Special About 'Viaggio Sola'?

Last June when I watched Viaggio Sola with the director, Maria Sole Tognazzi, present for a Q&A after the screening, I have to admit not writing very much about it. I'd seen the movie before and hadn't been impressed but I liked it a little better after hearing

Here's Why You Should Care About Italian Movies

People get a weird smile on their face when they hear about my blog I Love Italian Movies and when this happens, in my head I do some immediate calculations to determine which of these three things they are probably thinking: a) "Awww, how cute. This old lady has a blog. b) "Hmmm…I

Meet Paolo Sorrentino: An Online Event From MYMOVIESLIVE!

How's your Italian? You might want to start brushing up for a unique and FREE opportunity from MYMOVIESLIVE! to meet director Paolo Sorrentino.

Matteo Garrone's Next Project: Italian Fairy Tales In The English Language

Salma Hayek and Vincent Cassel are set to star in Matteo Garrone's new English language movie The Tale of Tales.

Italy's Submissions To The Academy Awards: Watch Them All

Of the films that Italy has chosen to represent them for Oscar consideration since the year 2000 only 2 have been nominated. Has Italy been making the wrong choices? You be the judge.

The Competition: Best Foreign Film

The Broken Circle Breakdown, Belgium. As bluegrass performer Didier and his girlfriend Elise face a family tragedy, the history of their relationship in its early days is revisited. Reluctant at first to let adult responsibilities alter the carefree nature of their lives, Didier and