Coming Soon: A Tidal Wave Of Italian Films

The list of Italian films are growing every day; here is just a sampling of things to come. The translations are mine, and when the films are exported they will likely be called something else: Alaska, from Claudio Cupellini with Elio Germano, Astrid Berges-Frisbey,

Italian Movies For Manly Men

You're a guy who thinks that Italian cinema is too "artsy fartsy"? If you are tired of your wife or girlfriend picking pretentious foreign films, here are a 10 that are the polar opposite of "girlie". Take off the black beret, the monocle, and the ascot, put on your sweats, and get ready for movies

John Turturro All'Italiana: Making A Movie With Nanni Moretti

Nanni Moretti (The Son's Room, We Have a Pope) is getting ready to release his newest, Mia Madre (My Mother) with my favorite actress Margherita Buy, and the Cohen Brothers' favorite Italian-American, John Turturro. In the Italian newspaper


If you are a hit man for the mafia, when do you consider yourself a success; when do you know that you've "made it"? There is, of course, the "killing others before they kill you" thing, which mafia hit man Salvo Mancuso seems to have nailed. I suppose that ultimately, this defines your success. But

Italian Film Festival USA – The Season Starts Today In Pittsburgh

Attention Italian Film Lovers: This is one AMAZING opportunity to catch some of the best recent Italian films.

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"Like" Cinema Made In Italy's Facebook Page To Keep Up To Date On Showtimes

Be sure to "LIKE" CInema Made In Italy" on Facebook to keep up to date on the 5 Italian films that are making the rounds in the US thanks to an initiative between Cinecittà Luce, the Italian Trade Commission and

Zoran, Il Mio Nipote Scemo

In Zoran, Il Mio Nipote Scemo (Zoran, my nephew the idiot), Pane e Tulipani's Giuseppe Battiston plays Paolo, a man pretty widely accepted as his little Friulian town's worst citizen. He's lazy, selfish, drinks too much, and seems to hate everyone including and perhaps

The Rome Independent Film Festival Comes To You – Stream The Films At Home

You missed the RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival)? No worries; the best of the festival can come to you, available on streaming on-demand for at the most €2.99. Go to Rome Independent Film Festival at and

Food Is Love

One thing that Europeans seem to understand that we don't: Food is good. (more…)