Paola Cortellesi Is "Perfect" In ‘Un Boss In Salotto’

The adorable Paola Cortellesi is "June Cleaver" with a Southern Italian edge in this comedy from Luca Miniero

Congratulations To Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Paolo Virzì, and Stephen Amidon

Congratulations Valeria Bruni TedeschiPaolo Virzì, author Stephen Amidon, and the whole cast of Il Capitale Umano - Human Capital, from I Love Italian Movies, officially calling your movie, THE

Contemporary Italian Cinema: Come Va?

Having just heard dozens academics speak about modern and contemporary Italian film, I'm left with more questions than answers. While film scholars and language teachers dig around in the filmmaker's brain for clues to ways to interpret an artistic mystery, doing so with a critical eye that looks far

Thanks To Indiana University For A Wonderful Look At Italian Cinema

When I signed up for Indiana University's Fifth Annual Symposium: New Trends in Modern and Contemporary Italian Cinema, the only thing I knew about it was that Carlo Verdone would be there as a visiting director. (Carlo Verdone in Bloomington, Indiana? SIgn me

'Il Mio Miglior Nemico' Here At The IU Cinema With Carlo Verdone

It's day two of Indiana University's Symposium on New Trends in Modern and Contemporary Italian Cinema and Carlo Verdone had selected one of my favorites for the evening film screening: Il Mio Miglior Nemico (My Best Enemy), starring the director himself

Carlo Verdone, at Indiana University With Four Of His Films

I feel like I'm in on this wonderful best kept secret here at Indiana University's fifth annual Film Symposium on New Trends in Modern and Contemporary Italian Cinema. Last night in the University's intimate movie theater Carlo Verdone and a not exactly packed house watched one of

Carlo Verdone Here I Come

We have a joke in English that I think Carlo Verdone might want to remember it when I arrive at Indiana University today for the New Trends in Modern and Contemporary Italian Cinema Symposium , so I'll try to translate it:

Updated Movie Soundtrack Playlist All'Italiana

Look to Italian movies and music for inspiration today with my Italian movie and music soundtrack playlist. 3 392

Le Meraviglie: Alice Rohrwacher Takes On Cannes

Having thoroughly enjoyed her first film, Corpo Celeste, I can't wait to see Alice Rohrwacher's second, 'Le Meravglie' (The Wonders), in competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival. The plot is still a little sketchy; four sisters live in a little protective "kingdom"

You Don't Have The Cinecittà Luce App? Why Not?

Italy’s Hollywood, Cinecittà Luce has a super fun app that works on the iPhone and iPad platforms, giving users access to view historical content and up-to-date information about new projects. There is so much to love here for an Italian movie lover, just bursting with footage and