Senza Nessuna Pietà – Without Pity

Pierfrancesco Favino gained fifty pounds and shows every bit of his star potential in director Michele Alhaique's Senza Nessuna Pietà. 0 301

Anime Nere, Black Souls, In Competition at the Venice Film Festival

Yesterday Brian, Lauren and I were in the Sala Grande participating in a full five minutes of cheers and applause for Anime Nere, in competition here at the Venice Film Festival.

La Vita Oscena – The Obscene Life

I have never felt so misled by a trailer in my whole life. (more…)

A Good Day at the Venice Film Festval

Riccardo Scamarcio, Valeria Golino, Daniele Ciprì, Isabella Ferrara! My photos of the best day ever at the Vevice Film Festival. [caption id="attachment_14363" align="aligncenter" width="492"]

Looking Forward To Venice: Hungry Hearts

Italian director Saverio Costanzo, New York setting, top Italian actress (Alba Rohrwacher), and rising American star, Adam Driver. 

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Looking Forward To Venice: La Vita Oscena

In a story taken from the autobiography of Aldo Nove (pen name of Antonio Centanin), Una Vita Oscena, director Renato De Maria takes the "tragic facts" of Nove's experiences, who when his parents died, decided that he wanted to die too.

Looking Forward To Venice: Senza Nessuna Pietà


You can't hope for a new life without settling the score with the old one. 0 225

Looking Forward To Venice: Abel Ferrara's 'Pasolini'

Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s mysterious death is the subject of a new movie from director Abel Ferrara, who tries to solve the mystery and I have a ticket for the premier at the Venice Film Festival.

Happy Birthday Don Backy: Thanks for a Favorite Movie Moment!

You might think that you don't know Don Backy, but if you love Italian movies, you probably do. He's responsible for one of my very favorite movie moments.

Meet Me At The Cleveland Italian Film Festival

You can meet me, if you've been dying to do so, at the CLEVELAND ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2014 9 233