Happy Birthday Kim Rossi Stuart

Buon Compleanno Kim Rossi Stuart

His father was an actor, his mother a model, and he quit school at age 14 to act full-time. Though he should probably make some kind of "Don't try this at home" public service announcement, it worked out for him. Italians love him for a movie

Liked The Movie? Read The Book!

Read English language versions of these great Italian movies.


Improve Your Italian With Italian Movies

As an ESL teacher I use videos and listening exercises to help my students improve their English, and I use the same methods to improve my Italian. Here's your assignment:

The Underappreciated: Micaela Ramazzotti in Daniele Lucchetti's 'Anni Felici'

“I bring to the cinema my memories and sentiments. It’s a story in which everything is reinvented to look for the truth. Much if of it is not true, but the feelings are all real.”

What I Didn't Love in 2014

I'm an American with not so much as an Italian grandma to give me a shred of credibility but that doesn't seem to stop me from criticizing sometimes... 0 223

Opening today in Italy: Gianni Di Gregorio's 'Buoni A Nulla'

Where would Gianni Di Gregorio be if not making films? "Dead under a bridge. Alcoholic, at least." 1 360