More Glamour and Good Looks in Black and White

You'll love Italian movies, if only for the good looking actors... [gallery type="square" size="medium" ids="17503,17517,17505,17516,17510,17507,17525,17508,17514,17515,17509,17519,17520,17521,17522,17523,17524,17527"]

Opening March 6 in the USA: La Mafia Uccide Solo D'Estate

“One day I stopped and looked around. And that’s when I asked myself the question: how can the Mafia enter the lives of people so arrogantly in Palermo and so few say something about it?” (Pif)

Say Happy Birthday To The Future Of Italian Cinema: Antonio Piazza

When people ask me how Italian cinema is changing, growing, and getting more exciting, I tell them about people like director Antonio Piazza.

Top Ten Reasons To Love Alessandro Gassman On His Birthday

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Congratulations to 'Ida' From I Love Italian Movies

We have to admit it; Ida was truly deserving for the Academy Award. (more…)

7 Italian Movies For Young Adults

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Just How Funny Can The Mafia Be?

Italians don't seem to have a problem with mafia comedies, but Americans seem hesitant to laugh. Is it OK to find the mafia funny? 0 501