Alba Rohrwacher Most Definitely Rocks

The Anna Magnani prize for best actress at the Bari International Film Festival went to Alba Rohrwacher for Hungry Hearts.
She's worked for most of the great contemporary Italian directors, starred in many films available to Americans, and stars in

Francesco Munzi, Best Director for Anime Nere

Bari Film Festival winner Francesco Munzi's film Anime Nere soon here in the United States! 
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Giuseppe Tornatore's New English Language Film: The Correspondence

Monday's the day! Giuseppe Tornatore will begin shooting his new English language film, La corrispondenza (The Correspondence) with Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko.

Ho Ucciso Napoleone: Mandateci Le Tue Recensioni

Excuse me for a moment while I demonstrate my very bad Italian and embarrass myself in front of all our Italian friends.

La Buca: Fantastical Fun From Daniele Ciprì

The recently released on Italian DVD La Buca from director Daniele Ciprì is "uno spasso e mezzo" (Is that how you'd say a hoot and a half in Italian?)

Happy Birthday Mina, Wherever You Are

Mina has made so many Italian movies better without even trying. 0 250

Italian Immigration Stories

Kind-hearted  Italians deal with a tidal wave of Illegal immigrants.