Is This Censorship Or Is The Mayor Within His Rights: You Decide

Roberto Saviano, the author of the book, Gomorrah, and creator of Gomorrah the TV series is facing a new obstacle making a second season. The Mayor says, not in my town,

On Time Warner Pay Per View: And They Call It Summer (E La Chiamano Estate)

Of all the great Italian films that  wish would make it to the USA, E La Chiamano Estate isn't one of them.

Tanti Auguri Elio Germano

They say that despite his enormous success, Elio Germano is a simple guy who takes the bus around Rome, and still lives in a tiny apartment in the Roman suburbs.  0 280

I Dolori Del Giovane Edo: Short Skin

Even though Edo's particular problem is uncommon, it would be hard to find anyone who is or has ever been a teenager that couldn't identify with him. 0 317

Dear Selection Committee, A Little Advice From An American

Dear Nicola Borrelli, Nicola Piovani, Daniele Luchetti, Tilde Corsi, Olivia Musini, Andrea Occhipinti, Stefano Rulli, Natalia Aspesi and Gianni Canova, so you're on the committee to select the film that will represent Italy at the Oscars.