L'Attesa (The Wait) Available to Steam EVERYWHERE (Except Netflix!)

Piero Messina's L'Attesa premiered at last year's Venice Film Festival, and now it's available to all of us.

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Ultimi Saranno Italian movies

Gli Ultimi Saranno Ultimi (The Last Will Be Last)

Jesus said that the last will be the first, but he didn't exactly say when.

Festival Sabrina Italian movies

Happy Birthday Sabrina Ferilli

At 52, sexy Sabrina's surprising everyone, taking bold new roles. (more…)

Le Vacanze Estive: Summer Vacation all’Italiana!

It's l'estate in Italia, summer in Italy, so tutti al mare! Everybody to the beach...but you'd better know how to swim in these waters. 0 309


Taodue's Pietro Valsecchi announced a new film from Checco Zalone's in the works and due out late 2017, but will we ever get it here in the US? 0 242