Paolo Sorrentino has two things to be excited about for his La Grande Bellezza’ (The Great Beauty) this week; the first, on Sunday, the Golden Globe winners will be announced, and The Great Beauty has been nominated for best foreign film.

More recent news: The BAFTA ( British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards) nominations have been announced, and Sorrentino’s already award winning film is listed in the “Best Foreign Film” category.

In bocca al lupo Paolo!



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  • jondotkom

    I finally had a chance to see “La Grande Belleze” last night, and it deserves all this critical kudos. And more! This is one great film. But not what I expected.

    I was prepared primarily for cynical, satirical decadence and ennui, but was treated with loads of sweet, extremely touching pathos. And the film was unexpectedly Fellini-esque for me.

    Toni Servillo’s hang-dog, world-weary performance is inspiring. And he is funny! Oh, and the sheer beauty of Rome–what more need be said.

    I guess the one theme that really stuck with me by film’s end was how Jep has literally turned his entire life into a work of art, an accidental masterpiece of sorts.

    Seemingly everything he observes, feels, says or speaks about is full of beauty, whether pure or profane, sacred or sacrilegious, He need never write another novel. Instead he literally lives it.

    Good luck to Sorrentino and “La Grande Belleze”!



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