La Ragazza Del Mondo, Worldly Girl

Best Debut Director Marco Danieli, David di Donatello Awards   Sara Serraiocco, proves once again that she is not just another pretty face as Giulia, a member of the Jehovah's Witness in Italy (and who knew that Italy had the 5th largest community of Witnesses?) in La Ragazza Del Mondo (Worldly Girl). Known for her performances as a blind woman in Salvo and synchronized swimmer Jenny in Cloro , Serraiocco dominates the screen in this unique (spiritual) coming of age movie. The film premiered at Venice Days last year where she and co-star Michele Riondino won Pasinetti Awards for best actress and best actor, and on Monday, director Marco Daniele won the David di Donatello Award for Migliore Regista  Esordiente (Best Debut Director). It's got a fairly unusual backdrop, the world of the über evangelistic and disciplined religious sect known primarily to the rest of us as the people who knock on your door on Saturday mornings and ask you if you believe in God. Though I'm not the type to chase Witnesses off my porch, it's obvious that I haven't ever listened as they've described their beliefs, because if nothing else, Worldly Girl is a fascinating education about what life is really like for them (Google search fact-check confirmed 30 seconds after credits rolled). In her loving but rigorously cloistered existence, continuing education is frowned upon ("Do you want it for God or for own vanity?") and a relationship with a "worldly person", those outside their religious community, is a deal-breaker. Giulia, at the top of her high school class, is a shoo-in for a big scholarship, but her parents discourage applying for it. Her teachers, on the other hand, are appalled that they'd impede her bright future.  Sara Serraiocco is just lovely and extremely natural as the conflicted young woman who…

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