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Finally! Indivisibili Coming To US Theaters!

Edoardo De Angelis's Indivisibili (Indivisible) is set to open September 15 in New York and September 29 in LA. More cities are being booked around the US! More on this later! (more…)

Happy Birthday To Director Claudio Cupellini

When we talk about these cool new Italian directors we're talking about guys like Claudio Cupellini. Lately, he's been directing many episodes of Gomorrah the TV Series and if you haven't been watching, you are really missing out on a thrilling crime show to binge watch. You can watch Season 1 on Amazon. Sundance has Season 1 and Season 2  Tanti Auguri di Buon Compleanno Claudio! Sei fantastico! [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="29428,29427"] [gallery columns="4" size="full" ids="29432,22378,21121,14170,7557,29433,29434,29435"] xxx xxx

Based On A True Story

[caption id="attachment_29379" align="aligncenter" width="566"] Donatella Finocchiaro, Angela[/caption] Angela Roberta Torre's Angela is based on a true story about a woman who ran a business that was a front for drug trafficking, the shoe boxes in Angela’s store contained little “bonuses” heroin, with the fine Italian leather. When she falls for one of her mafia boss husband's employees, things get complicated.   Filmed with the cameras close to the characters, following their every move and catching every nibble of a fingernail and dart of the eye, the dialogue is authentic, the characters talk like real people, as if it had not been scripted at all. VUDU, YouTube, Amazon [caption id="attachment_7312" align="aligncenter" width="601"] Toni Servillo, Il Divo[/caption] Il Divo It took five minutes of fact checking after watching Paolo Sorrentino's  Il Divo to find that this docudrama is as much “docu” as it is “drama”, and while it may seem like the movie is one big conspiracy theory, this amazing story of Italian politics is not a piece of fiction. This is Italy’s Watergate – with a lot more blood – and it makes for a shocking and compelling movie.   Watch it and find out why the film’s subject,92 year Giulio Andreotti, the seven time Italian prime minister (Richard Nixonesque in more ways than one), walked out of the movie’s premier.  Amazon,  VUDU [caption id="attachment_8636" align="aligncenter" width="601"] Vallanzasca – Gli Angeli del Male[/caption] Vallanzasca, Angeli Del Male This is the biography of Renato Vallanzasca, the Milanese organized crime head who in the 1970s and early ’80s  and embarrassed the Italian police before his final apprehension and multiple life sentences (with an additional 290 years). He’s also famous for appealing to the public for sympathy and controlling his image with the media. Starring Kim Rossi Stewart as Vallanzasca (he won the Nastro d’argento for…

Finally! Suburra The TV Series, Coming October 6

Netflix announced that the first 10 episodes of  it's first Italian series, Suburra, will be available to stream on October 6. (more…)

Check Out Fandor For LOTS Of Great Italian Films

For as little as $7.50 a month you can watch many hard to find Italian films, as well as others from all over the world. (more…)

Celebrate La Mamma With These Italian Movie Moms

Mia Madre (My Mother ) Already a master auteur, this is Nanni Moretti’s best work ever, this tribute to his own mother is a perfectly balanced, artfully told story about grief, loss, and self-reflection. Nothing maudlin here, and though it is at times achingly sad, it’s not a cheesy tear-jerker. Moretti’s script and Buy’s performance as Margherita (Margherita Buy), the film director, put the viewer solidly into the story as observation turns to meditation. Buy’s character is the modern everyman; self-absorbed, impatient, and a bit removed from relationships in her life.   Their darling mother, played by Giulia Lazzarini, is delicately slipping away and wistfully noting her decreased capacity to function, but others remind Margherita and her brother, played by Moretti, that their Mamma had been a dynamic woman who changed people’s lives.   WATCH MIA MADRE on Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Vudu [caption id="attachment_18431" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Mommy says you aren't hungry.[/caption] Hungry Hearts This (scary) crunchy mom (Alba Rohrwacher) loved her son to death, almost literally!    There were early signs of Mina’s (Rohrwacher) mental unbalance; her unwillingness to eat during her pregnancy was clearly something beyond ordinary morning sickness. But starving herself is one thing; starving the baby is another. Hungry Hearts will confirm every meat eater’s suspicion that vegans are evil food haters. As Mina’s phobias and idiosyncrasies grow stronger, Jude withdraws from the world in an attempt to focus on his child and protect him; but from what? Is Mina really trying to kill her child?   Watch Hungry Hearts on Amazon,  Netflix,   iTunes,  YouTube,  Google Play [caption id="attachment_16115" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Tiziano Cucchiarelli[/caption] Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips) Lavoro o vacanza? Is she working or is she on vacation? (After all, they take a vacation as a family every year...).    Rosalba's (Licia Maglietta) mid-life crisis…