Happy Birthday Ksenia Rappoport

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ksenia has been adopted and embraced by Italian cinema. (more…)

La Pazza Gioia (Like Crazy), Coming To Cleveland

Über nominated film, Paolo Virzì's  LIKE CRAZY (La Pazza Gioia) at the Cleveland International Film Festival. (more…)

A Conversation With Director Alessandro Comodin

Folklore Meets Urban Legend In His First Narrative Full Length Film, I Tempi Felici Verranno Presto (Happy Times Will Come Soon). (more…)

Santaok Italian movies

Another Great Lineup For Italian Film Festival USA

Pittsburgh, Phoenix, St. Louis, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Boulder, Indianapolis, Portland, Cleveland, and Milwaukee: Take A Look At What You Are Getting! (more…)

Happy Birthday Claudio Giovannesi

We wish you health, happiness, and a armful of David Donatello Awards! The director of two excellent coming of age films celebrates 39 years today, one, Fiore (Flower), nominated this year for David di Donatello Awards for Best Film, Best Director, and various other prizes. [caption id="attachment_22639" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Fiore[/caption] Claudio Giovannesi’s story of “Daphne goes to Juvie”  covers events that occur throughout months, but Fiore feels more like a portrait, a snapshot, or chapter 3 in a book read independently, without ever having read chapters one and two and never having a chance to know the ending. In it, a teenager named Daphne is pretty much alone in the world and getting by stealing cellphones by robbing people at knifepoint. It was only a matter of time before she’s caught and sent to a juvenile detention center. Daphne is an adolescent combination of rage, depression, and childlike girliness, chain smoking, getting into tussles with the other girls, and mooning over a guy in the boy’s section. What she is longing for in her life is unclear, probably because she’s not used to getting anything of value or having anything go her way. A visit from her father, a stepmother and stepbrother is a happy occasion, and the idea that she has a place to go when she gets out brings a gleam of hope to Daphne’s eye. But she’s so quiet, so uncommunicative, and so solitary that we really don’t know what she’s thinking. The detention center is strict but not draconian, and I believe that American versions of this type of institution are probably so different and more prison-like, that Americans might find Daphne’s story unlikely and inaccurately fictional. I believe that Italian juvie is probably very different from the American counterpart, just as prison seems to be,…

Into The Woods, Forever: I Tempi Felici Verranno Presto

Alessandro Comodin's 'Happy Times Will Come Soon' at New Directors-New Films, brought to us by MoMA and Lincoln Center Film Society. (more…)

Netflix PLEASE Bring Back…

For those of us ALL IN when it comes to streaming, PLEASE bring back these EXTRAORDINARY Italian films: (more…)