Paolo Virzì 101

  Get ready for the top Italian director's upcoming 'The Leisure Seeker', starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland, but make sure you're caught up with his earlier work first. (more…)

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Happy Birthday Silvio Soldini

The Director's latest, Il Colore Nascosto Delle Cose, will premiere at #Venezia74. [caption id="attachment_29607" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Il Colore Nascosto Delle Cose[/caption] This relationship movie was written by Doriana Leondoff, Davide Lantieri and Silvio Soldini, and stars Adriano Giannini and Emma Valeria Golino.   Teo (Adriano Giannini) is a man on the run. From his past, from his family, from responsibility, and from the beds of women he spends the night with only to sneak out at the crack of dawn. Work is the only thing that he really loves; he works for a publicity company and he is constantly online, compulsively checking his tablet and phone.   Emma (Valeria Golino) lost her sight 16 years ago but hasn't let her life get lost in the dark. Instead, she faced her challenge head on and fought back with her handicap, understanding that every day would be a battle. She's an osteopath, and she goes around the city with her white cane, independent and determined.    Also stars: Arianna Scommegna, Laura Adriani, Anna Ferzetti, Andrea Pennacchi and Beniamino Marcone, with Mattia Sbragia and Valentina Carnelutti. Thank you Silvio, for these wonderful movies! [gallery size="large" ids="6510,9426,9527,7310,10948"] Stream them! Check out the Ultimate Guide To Streaming!

A Crowdfunding Success Story: Edoardo Winspeare’s ‘La Vita In Comune’ Competes At Venice

Edoardo Winspeare's mixture of fairy-tale and reality, La Vita Comune will compete in the Orrizonti Section of #Venezia74.   Thanks to a successful Crowdfunding project that Winspeare began to help fund the movie (and I contributed to), I am an honorary citizen of Disperata, the film's fictional town in which a depressed mayor and poet (Gustavo Caputo) takes solace from the attacks of his advisors by volunteering in a prison.       There he meets Pati Rrunza, a jailbird who is feared and respected by everyone in town and two juvenile delinquents who think of Pati as a super-hero. What happens when Pati starts loving poetry? And what does Pope Francis have to do with the town’s new zoo?   The cast, embracing the idea of “La Vita in Comune (The Life In Common) stayed in the houses of people in the community who are involved in making the movie, sharing, even off-set, daily life in the little town of the real-life town Capo di Leuca,"al sud del sud dei Santi". The film stars: Gustavo Caputo, Antonio Carluccio, Claudio Giangreco, Celeste Casciaro, and Davide Riso.    

Il Cratere (Crater) Directed By Luca Bellino and Silvia Luzi, In Competition

In the lineup in competition for La Settimana Internazionale Della Critica, Venice Critics Week. #Venezia74 (more…)

Venice Film Festivals Through My Eyes, My Camera

Counting Down To Venice 2017, #Venezia74. I'm no photographer, but here are my favorite moments at Venice, in photos I've taken. (more…)

Fingers Crossed For Venice: Roberta Torre’s Riccardo Va All’Inferno

Now this looks interesting...     There's Venice Film Festival buzz for Roberta Torre's "dark, psychedelic musical" starring Massimo Ranieri, Sonia Bergamasco and Ivan Franek. [gallery ids="29317,29318,29319"]   The director returns to the screen with Riccardo Va All'Inferno (Richard Goes To Hell), a retelling of Shakespeare, set in the underworld Rome.   "It's a musical", says Roberta,"dark, psychedelic, eccentric, comparable to Tim Burton, set in a hidden Rome, unearthly and pop." Keep updated here on I Love Italian Movies and like the film on Facebook!