Results for Your Ideal Italian Movie Star Girlfriend Quiz

If you chose mostly A
you get Martina!

Martina Stella is your regular old party girl from Florence – she’s in all the gossip magazines and up to NO GOOD!
She was jail bait in L’ultimo Bacio and you saw her recently in “NIne“.

If you chose mostly B

you’re in Sicily!

Siciliana Donatella Finocchiaro wanted to be a nun, her father wanted her to be a lawyer, and she ended up being a beautuful actress who starred with Sergio Castellito in Marco Bellochio’s  “The Wedding Director“.

If you chose mostly C

che cosa bella!

Micaela Ramazzatti married director Paolo Virzì – good career move – and their movie ” La Prima Cosa Bella has been nominated for an Academy Award.

And if you chose mostly D
high five!
Laura Chiatti, former Miss Teen Europe and Vodafone spokeswoman has dated just about every famous Italian actor! You can see her in Baarìa.
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  • Gilles

    well, i did not really do the test since my ideal italian movie actress , Giovanna Mezzogiorno , was not on the list !
    on top of being beautiful, she is one of the best actress in italy and even France ! she should have been given an best interpretation award in 2010 Cannes film Festival for her dramatic role in Marco Bellochio’s film Vincere !

    • Cheri

      Well I didn’t put her on the list because I was saving her for you! Same reason I didn’t put Luigi Lo Cascio on other quiz – HE’S MINE!

      • gilles

        that’s very thoughtful of you .. for Luigi Lo Cascio..I can’t imagine if he had been present at the Open Roads New Italian cinema… you would have now a lot of pictures of him… but only the director was present Mario Martone ! I will stay focus in case he comes to New York …



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